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Buy Term Life Insurance
You and I probably have at least one thing in common – we don’t like to spend money on something we will never use. So why should we buy term life insurance?  It is one of the few things in existence that we can spend money on that we are guaranteed to NEVER see the benefits of since we have to die before it even pays a single benefit.  As you may or may not know, term life insurance is a product designed to end before we are statistically supposed to die.
But we don’t buy life insurance for our benefit. We buy it for the benefit of people in our life that would be hurt financially if we were to die prematurely.  

Ask yourself a few questions.  
  • Would your family have the financial resources to continue to live the life style that they have become accustomed to?
  • Would your children continue to be able to participate in extracurricular activities, camps and all of the other things that make them happy?  
  • Would your children have to borrow money to enroll in a university if they don’t have you to pay for it? 
  • Would your significant other have to get a second job in order to sustain the financial burden of your lost income?
  • Would you leave your spouse with debt that would not be able to be paid back?
The least expensive way to make sure that none of these scenarios come true for your family is for you to buy term life insurance. A healthy 40 year old can buy a million dollar term life insurance policy for about $30 a month!  

The reason term life insurance costs so little is because you are probably not going to die while this policy is in place.More than 97% of term policies never pay a claim!  But, if you do die, your loved ones won’t be financially ruined.  

We buy a term life insurance policy in hopes that it never has to be used, but for the peace of mind that if it does our family will be taken care of.

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