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Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes

Online life insurance agencies are always telling consumers that they have cheap term life insurance quotes. The truth about all independent life insurance agencies is that everyone has access to the same companies. This means they can all offer the same products at the same prices. So when you see things like “we can save you 70% on your term life insurance” or “we have access to all the major life insurance companies in the industry”, this is good to know, but it is not unique.  

You can go to a lot of places to get cheap term life insurance quotes. So how do you decide which online agency to buy from?  

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. When you give your contact information to a website, is it really an insurance agency or a lead generation company? By submitting your contact information are you going to be called by 1 insurance agent or by 20 different agents all trying to make a sale?
  2. Are they asking the questions necessary to give you an accurate price or just telling you the cheapest rate out there and hoping you will go ahead and take the policy when it comes back more expensive? While the term life insurance quotes are cheap, they may not be correct.
  3. If your policy comes back at a price other than what was quoted, will they shop the market to make sure that is the best price available or just try to get you to take the more expensive policy?
  4. Will they review your policy with you every year to make sure it is still meeting your needs and still the best price available or will you never hear from them again once they have made a sale?
When you talk to an insurance professional, you can gauge their expertise by the questions that they ask. If they ask extensive questions about your health history and financial situation then they are probably trying to make sure that they are offering you a product that meets your needs at a price that is accurate. If they spend most of the time talking, don’t ask many questions, and then tell you a price, you should probably get a second opinion.

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