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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

If you're like many people and have more things to do than there are hours in the day, no medical exam life insurance may be a viable option for you.

When the laundry is piling up, those videos need to be returned and you're still on chapter one of the book you bought three weeks ago, buying life insurance doesn't seem like a top priority. But if you think about what life insurance protects—your family—you may see it as a more vital concern than those errands or chores.

Insurance At Your Fingertips can help you find the right policy by connecting you with agents on our network who will provide free quotes, so you get the best protection at the best price.

Now there is a way for you to fit this necessary purchase into your busy schedule—shop your rates right here on our site. Don't put it off another day.

Advantages of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

  • Faster: Companies can usually process your application faster than with medically underwritten life insurance.  Policy approved typically within 24-48 hours.
  • Simpler: Just fill out a health-status questionnaire, which will ask about your medical condition and history; no physical required.
  • Less Invasive: There is no need to set up an appointment with a medical examiner, provide a blood or urine sample, and have your blood pressure taken or set up any doctor visits to confirm your health status.

Disadvantages of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

  • Less Coverage: Most people who opt for no exam life insurance are applying for smaller amounts of insurance. Coverage amounts up to up to 500k.
  • Cost: Can be more expensive than medically underwritten life insurance.

Call us for a FREE No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quote today at 800-528-1372 or complete the instant quote form on this page.

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